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Fans of symphonic instrumental rock, electronica and cinematic soundtracks should find something to like in the music of Novus Rex.

Novus Rex is:

  • J.R. Fernandez: Production, keyboards(synthesizers, piano, programming), drums, electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses. 
  • A.I. Fernandez: Electric guitars, six and twelve string acoustic guitars, basses.
  • Scott Hume: Drums & percussion.

History of Novus Rex: 

Novus Rex is a music project based in Colorado, USA, founded by keyboardist/producer J.R. Fernandez in 2008. The music is keyboard-driven with emphasis on synthesizers and Hammond B3 sounds and rooted in art and progressive rock, with elements of jazz fusion and symphonic electronica.

Fernandez was raised in the New York City metropolitan area during the 1970s. The City’s thriving arts scene during the 1970s allowed him to develop a strong appreciation for music and the arts. He showed an early interest in the piano and organ and began taking private music lessons while attending elementary school. While pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree he studied music composition and upon graduation studied classical guitar with private instructors. Formal education in electronics engineering and computer science facilitated the transition toward the recording studio where he uses current Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) technology to compose, record and produce all of his music.

When describing the project’s music, Fernandez had this to say: “I’ve listened to many types of music throughout my lifetime but at the end of the day the albums that stand out and stick with me for years are those that tell a story. Those albums don’t necessarily have to contain lyrics to tell a story, sometimes it’s just the way the music flows from one track to another or the way that each track complements the others. Those elements are very important to me and I try to incorporate them into my work”.